Roofing Repair for Colorado Homeowners - Hail Specialists

Denver Roof Repair HailCan You See Hail Damage?

  • Severe Hail Damage can be very hard to identify 
  • Fix it while you can still claim the storm

It can be incredibly difficult for non-experts to identify hail damage.  It’s a subtle thing that may be difficult to identify.  Many people have hail damage and don’t even know it.  

It’s important to act now.  If you wait too long, it can be too late to make a storm damage claim with the insurance company.

If you have had a hail storm and believe your home may have sustained hail damage, call the experts at Integrity Roof Repairs.  Our expert technician will inspect your roof first-hand.  Yes, they’ll need to climb up.  Don’t worry, though, our experts have been trained to assess your roof safely and without creating additional damage.  

Our technician will give you a detailed assessment of the condition of your roof.  We take pride in the accuracy of our assessments.  95% of the time, our repair estimates are approved by insurance companies without adjustments.  Whether you need only minor repairs or a completely new roof, we’ll present a thorough and accurate report.

We offer many excellent roofing products for you to choose from, including Class 4 impact resistant shingles that may reduce the likelihood of future hail damage to your roof.

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